Baobab Truffle Gas Limit not working

I am trying to deploy smart contract to Baobab using Truffle.

In my truffle-config.js, I had set gas limit to 8500000, but I ran into ErrCodeStoreOutOfGas - uint(0x05) error during contract deployment. Upon checking on KlaytnScope, it seems that the gas limit is hard capped at 5,242,880

I had tried with truffle version 5.1.23, 5.1.55, 5.1.61, 5.4.0 but I am still getting the same error…

I also tried latest truffle version but I am getting this error instead: Error: Given value “TxTypeLegacyTransaction” is not a valid hex string.

Please any pointer on how to solve this is greatly appreciated… Thanks in advance…


Hi, please check the blow link. I believe you can get help from the link.

If you still have a problem after checking that link, please share details about your environment, code which should be testable for us.