Connecting to Baobab Public EN

Klaytn is a network of nodes, and users access Klaytn via ENs (Endpoint Nodes). If Alice wants to send her transaction to Klaytn, the first thing she needs to do is to find an EN which can deliver her transaction. Can’t find one? Then Alice has no choice but to run an EN for herself.

However, running an EN is costly (as described in here). If you work for a company with resources, then running a high-end desktop (preferably a commercial server) consistently downloading blocks and validating transactions would not burden much. However, that is not the case for most of us — it is hard to imagine an individual developer or a startup can afford such a cost.

To remedy this problem, Klaytn runs a public EN on Baobab available at:

For those of you wishing to use websocket, try the following:


If you want to play with the Klaytn blockchain platform or test your BApp on an active, up-to-date Klaytn test network, use the public EN on Baobab— it’s free.

Note that the Baobab public EN is a shared resource and Klaytn does not guarantee quality of service for the node. If you plan to launch massive scale tests that will likely consume much resources, we recommend you to run your own EN for the integrity of your test.

Feel free to leave comments below regarding this topic and how to use Baobab in general :wink:

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