I can't manage my funds in the klaytn plattform

Hello, i made a transfer to my ETH wallet. I control this wallet through ledger live.
So, i made a transfer to theese ETH wallet and i can see right now in the klaytnscope blockchain that the transaction is completed and i’m a holder of these KIP-7 Tokens in the Holders list but i don’t have access to them in ledger live. And i don’t have the option to add the ethereum address to the klaytn plattform.

I recently had the suggestion of one of Leads of DX Team in another forum, he tell me that i can import my private key in the ETH wallet to KLAY wallet. Then i wanna have access to those tokens in Klaytn cause ETH and KLAY has same address scheme.

The problem is that I don’t have idea of how to do all this procedure.

thanks so much for your help



Hi, I think you are referring is me. :slight_smile:

Are you using a hardware wallet? There can be some articles that you can export your private key from the wallet. Please refer to this link.

Then, import the private key to Kaikas wallet. Then, you can see the balance of your token on Kaikas wallet.

Hope this helps.

That works. Thank u so much.
Have a nice day.

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H_Lopez I have the same problem. Could you please explain how you did it?
Which keys you used ? BIP39 Seed? or something else. I tried but doesnt work