I founded KlaytnCommunity - a global Klaytn community

Goodday everybody :wave:

I’m Conor and I’ve been keeping track of GroundX’ Klaytn since its inception. First, I’d like to express my enthusiasm and belief in the vision of GroundX of bringing blockchain technology in a userfriendly manner to millions of people. I also want to express my gratitude to all developers working on this vision and who are part of this forum. Thank you!

Though I’ve had a hard time to find a collective movement of global Klaytn fans. Furthermore, I believe that all partners and applications developing on top of Klaytn aren’t receiving the right amount of attention and updates.

Therefore I’ve decided to create “KlaytnCommunity” - based in Europe (Belgium). Some of the official GroundX management has already praised our initiatieve and we’d very much like to introduce ourselves to the hardworking developers, being you guys!

It has just been 3 days the group was created and we have already gathered 50 global Klaytn fans and investors! So far, representatives of GET Protocol, Hawk Network, Wemix Global, CryptoCarto and Blocknation have already joined with many more to come! :sunglasses:

TL/DR Mission:

  • Aggregate, educate and grow a community of global Klaytn fans and investors
  • Provide continuous updates on all Ecosystem, BApp and Initial Service Partners
  • Provide layman version of technical updates provided by the Klaytn development team (you guys)
  • Provide technical support to developers with plans to deploy on Klaytn

Therefore representatives of partners, KlaytnHorizon winners and even GroundX officials are joining our community. We truly want to create a community hub where everybody can connect to eachother and create synergies.

We would enormously appreciate it if some of the Klaytn devs could join our group (link below!) and aid in our effort or assist users that are encountering difficulties. :pray: Likewise, we will also be redirecting community devs that need support to this forum! :muscle:

A link to our Mission Statement

Our KlaytnCommunity Group

Thank you guys!


Thanks for creating such a great community! I already joined the telegram channel!
Also many thanks to provide the layman version of our Klaytn/caver-js releases!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Colin! I appreciate your kind words. We’ll continue those type of articles and even go more into depth on some of the harder parts.

The fact of the matter is that the major part of the cryptocurrency space doesn’t have the required technical knowledge to understand what the tech updates are all about. And I think it’s our responsibility to “translate” these and make them more understandable.

Thanks again for the great work and I look forward to future updates!

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Great job, @klaytn_community!

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Thanks Eric :wink: keep it up!

Hey team!

The KlaytnCommunity’s first growth campaign went live this morning and it’s steaming ahead!

Growth Campaign Announcement & Details

For this campaign, we were able to leverage the communities of connected Ecosystem Partners (after receiving approval). The supporting partners were listed in the campaign announcement.

Some early stats

Note that these stats are just for today. The growth campaign hasn’t even been running for 24h yet and we plan to run it for atleast 10 days.

1. Twitter engagements



2. Medium Engagements

The numbers clearly show that we successfully managed to get people talking and tweeting about Klaytn as a project, and about our global community as well.

Experiencing rapid growth

The group channel currently sits at +5000 members at the moment. Sure, they’re not all real members and these types of promotions naturally attract bountyhunters and bots but a large % of the growth is real and that allows us to strike while the iron is hot, i.e. we’re able to farm the members while they’re present.

The different stages in the growth campaign allow for a combination of education and promotion. Another way of educating them is “KLAY tipping”. While everyone was joining and posting their creations, we were motivating them to add their friends by tipping 1 KLAY or more via a bot created by one of the Klaytn Horizon winners. This bot initiates KLAY transfers on the mainnet. At one point in time today, we had more than 3000 requests and crashed the server on which the bot was running. Needless to say that it was quite popular!

The KLAY tips motivate the new members to learn about multiple parts of Klaytn in an active manner as they have to navigate through different areas of the Klaytn ecosystem before being able to potentially liquidate their KLAY (i.e. explorer, wallet, sign up to an exchange to sell or buy more). At the end of their learning journey, a % of them will think - “hey, this is a good project, let me hold on to this one!”.

The KlaytnCommunity is hiring Seed Ambassadors

Due to the rapid growth of KlaytnCommunity I have now added 4 “Seed Ambassadors”. 2 will be focussing on helping me manage the chat and fight spam/scams. The other 2 will produce graphical content to promote. Here’s the announcement with the application form.


That’s all folks!
Feel free to drop by and pay a visit to the channel. I’ll provide more insights as the campaign matures :slight_smile:


Impact Progress Report on KlaytnCommunity’s First Growth Campaign


Introducing a new series: “Learning Klaytn”

Here we can see one of our Klaytn’eers.Someone asked him if he would sell his KLAY.

Inviting all team members to our first Quiz, join for lots of educational fun :grin:

Cooperating with Kompose (Tier-1 Klaytn Hackathon Winner) to get us Ledger Integration

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Hello Klaytn Team, we present KlaytnCommunity’s first Up-Close Report of SkyPeople, an official BApp Partner of Klaytn. SkyPeople currently has a closed beta running for FiveStars and we aim to help them attract global gamers for their Beta Testing version.

We organized a side-campaign and will be rewarding the first 100 members that sign-up to the CBT of FiveStars.

Every user that signs up to the CBT (Closed Beta Test) will have to submit a user-id & his or her email address. We will later cross-check these with the SkyPeople team so we can see who is eligible for a reward and to what extent our campaign aided them in their game launch.


KlaytnCommunity’s Campaign

#KLAYTN Ledger Integration by Maxim from @Komposeinc (tier-1 Klaytn Horizon Hackthon winner) is progressing nicely :ok_hand:
KlaytnCommunity is proud to have provided their team a testing unit and thereby support the initiative :nerd_face:

More info on our partnership soon :wink:

Ledger integration has been a highly requested item by many of our Klaytneers & community developers.

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Inviting all GroundX devs to join the fun quiz :wink: It will be a mixture of educational and fun questions. The main goal is to raise awareness, have some fun and increase community activity.

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Don’t forget to join the Quiz at 9am UTC tomorrow :wink: lots of fun, many wow, such great

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