I need help in my klaytn, asap! plss

Hi, i sent klaytn from my wemix account going to my my binance account and still not reflecting to my binance account, this is the 5th day. customer service keep on saying that everything is working while mine is stucked… is there anyone from klaytn who can help me with this issue? customer service phone number?

Currently there seems to be a problem with WEMIX wallet.

klaytn forum has nothing to do with WEMIX wallet, so it’s better to ask to WEMIX.

can you help me with this? wemix, they dont do nothing… just keep on saying everything is working… so im trying to find ways to get some help… pls… i believed its more than 5 days now still no reply, no update from them. i dont know if they are helping me about or are they fixing the problem… pls…

since you guys cant help me, do you know how to contact wemix customer service? like the their phone number?. i will just chek the status of my klaytn.

It seems they only provide email address, please try to contact customer service via the email below.



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I already contacted them many times, they replied after 3 to 5 days and they just keep on saying eveything is working without checking on their end. they have poor customer service like klaytn and binance. klaytn have no contact support. you will feel that they really dont want to help. beware to wemix, klaytn and binance they are partners in scam.

my crypto is in klaytn now because i transferred my wemix token to klaytn. then i transferred my klaytn to my binance account and it didnt reflect to my binance account. so now where is my klaytn? in wemix, klaytn or binance?.. and no one tries to help from this 3 platform i keep on calling on wemix office in singapore, but they dont answer the call same with klaytn, they dont have phone number or email. tsk tsk…

You should have all transaction hash corresponding to your transaction. Could you provide it? Without those information, we cannot answer your question.

Using that transaction hash, you can validate your prior transaction so it can be use as a proof of your transaction.

BTW, block chain is public ledger, so you should know where it go and where it is after sending somewhere, If you couldn’t figure out yourself, I would suggest to get help to learn their platform case by case, since using blockchain requires prior knowledge at this point.

if you blaim service as scam while you asking, no one wants to answer or help you. You should respect and follow the community rules.

Also, please understand this is Klaytn forum and mainly running for developer support.



I dont know where to check the transaction hash in klaytnscope, but i can give my wallet address for you to scan it and find the transaction hash…this 2nd week now and im still helpless…

My Wemix Wallet adress: 0x7bcfd69ef0c9cd7e40c116bada9517c293f0ccd4

my Binance Wallet adress: 0xf3b1b6bf006ee6ff62909856315d5e53295efe6b

please post the link of issued transaction. You can do it just copy and paste the address after you enter the transaction page.

Based on your question, I cannot figure out what transaction is the one you pointed out.

Also please clarify what it your “binance wallet” means, is it wallet on binance exchange? or wallet on Binance smart chain? or what?

BTW, we only can support you to better understand your situation and guide you who to contact to resolve this problem since it seems not related to Klaytn itself but more related to the transaction method you used through third party app.

For your information. In blockchain, if transaction has processed, there is no way to recover it. The thing you have to check is whether you made correct transaction.

If you made corract transaction (which means, from your wallet, you made correction amount to correct deposit wallet within Klaytn chain), thus issue cannot be happened. If you send to different chain or exchange, and your transaction on Klaytn chain is success, you should contact correspond exchange with your transaction hash as record, so they can tract your asset on their wallet.

If any of your transaction are not processed properly, usually it is not possible to recover your asset.

What I can help you is only check whether your deposit is properly processed or not,

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Is it possible for you to check if the transaction from wemix token to klaytn is successfull using my wemix wallet adress?

My Wemix Wallet adress: 0x7bcfd69ef0c9cd7e40c116bada9517c293f0ccd4

Please clarify

  1. When you made transaction (date, time, or block number)
  2. From address (this might be your Wemix Wallet address I guess?)
  3. Which token? (this might be Wemix token?
  4. To address ( where did you send it to?, if this is wallet on Binance exchange, you cannot recover the Wemix token if the address is not dedicated for Wemix token. for example if you sent your Wemix token to your Klay address on Binance Exchange. If this is the case, sorry but no one can help your situation)
  1. Thursday - 03/31/2022 Block#: 86807483
  2. My Wemix Wallet adress: 0x7bcfd69ef0c9cd7e40c116bada9517c293f0ccd4
  3. Wemix Token
  4. Going to may binance account Klaytn adress: 0xf3b1b6bf006ee6ff62909856315d5e53295efe6b

“you can scan it also in klaytnscope using the block or my wallet adress in wemix.”

As you can search transaction in scope, the transaction had made and succeed.

Could you clarify what is your “Binance account Klaytn address”? I think you are confusing several points.

First of all, I’m expecting “your wemix wallet” means the Klaytn wallet address that you can access via Wemix wallet app.

And I’m expect below is wallet address in Binance Exchange to receive Klay but not wemix, which is not “your address” but the address that linked to your Binance account.


The reason that I said this is not your address is becasue you don’t have handle to access this address in Klaytn network. This wallet in Klaytn network is managed by Binance, which designed to receive only “Klay” not Wemix. This mean you can send any token to this address but Binance just ignore it if it is not Klay. Any other transaction will be just stuck on this address because it is not programmed to handle other tokens by Binance.

Againc If you send Wemix token to this type of wallet address, you cannot retrieve it unless Binance had solution to retrieve it.

Ok, just answer this Question…
The Swap from Wemix token to Klay, is it successful?.
Yes or No?

Sorry but I cannot cach up your question.
accodring to your transaction history, you didn’t swap your Wemix to Klay.

How can I answer whether it is success or not something that you didn’t perform?