Invalid gas tip

hello good evening to all
after waiting more than 10 days for an answer from the support I decided to open a thread here
i have this serious problem with my klays in metamask i have done almost everything inlcusive i talked to the metamask support also
I hope I can finally get my funds back, thanks in advance.
I am attaching a screenshot of my problem
and my klayscope address


invalid gas tip cap it must be the same as gas unit price

I am patiently waiting as well as by email in which I have been waiting more than 15 days for a very heavy support response does not make you want to use KLAYTN more ever

I will definitely not use klay again to support or bad god of mine almost 3 months without being able to use my money if someone else reads this I hope or that you have enough technical knowledge or that you really need to use klays because otherwise you already see my experience … and I don’t even tell you by email that you are supposed to contact them directly…

Hi, sorry for your inconvenience,
For the gas fee, you need to modify the gas price accordingly.

Please check our official docs to update your metamask setting.

I hope this can resolve your issue. Thanks,


Thanks .


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