Join Klaymakers22, the virtual hackathon!

Klaytn’s global flagship hackathon, Klaymakers22, has arrived with over US$1 million in prizes to be won, across a US$300,000 prize pool, sponsors’ challenge prizes, grant funding, and incubation opportunities.

Klaymakers22 features 5 tracks for hackers to pick from, each with US$60,000 to be won:

  • Klaytn Core+: For developers who are interested in driving improvement and building toolings on Klaytn core protocol.
  • Metaverse & NFTs: For developers who are interested in building use cases and toolings in Metaverse & NFTs to support the growth of Klaytn ecosystem in these aspects.
  • DAO: For developers who are interested in DAO use cases or its supporting toolings on the Klaytn ecosystem to drive the growth of community use cases on Klaytn ecosystem.
  • Fi+: For developers who are interested in building use cases and its supporting toolings of any Fi+ fields (e.g. DeFi, GameFi, MetaFi, SocialFi, etc.) on Klaytn ecosystem.
  • Public Good: For developers to take the chance to build use cases and toolings on the Klaytn ecosystem that could make a difference against public difficulties (e.g. climate change, pollution, war, oppression, economic inequality, fake news, etc.) and on any potential social impact.

Beyond these, there will also be a series of sponsors’ challenges, each with a US$10,000 prize that can be won on top of the track prizes.

Klaytn is an EVM L1 blockchain that supports Ethereum equivalence, so building on Klaytn is pretty much the same as building on Ethereum, making Klaymakers22 a great opportunity to flex your Solidity skills while competing for over US$1M in prizes.

Registration is now open, and hackers will be able to create their buidls on Dorahacks from 29 August till 30 September. Early registrants will be able to attend virtual workshops to learn the ins and outs of building on Klaytn, get your questions answered by Klaytn’s engineers, and join briefing sessions for the sponsors’ challenges.

Additionally, the first 200 to register and submit a buidl for Klaymakers22 will also receive US$50 worth of AWS credit, kindly sponsored by AWS and Megazone Cloud!

Get the full hackathon details here or register for the hackathon here.