Klay to binance

good night, I made a transaction from KLAY to binance and it didn’t arrive at binance, I already sent an email and no one responds

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i have the same problem bro, i do a transaction wemix to binance and i dont recive nothing, y dont know why


If the token has already been sent to the exchange address, we are unable to help as the address is managed by the exchange.
Therefore, for inquiries about mistransferred assets, please contact the exchange.

Thank you.


For such inquiries, please contact the owner of the recipient address (exchange, etc.) or the wallet that generated the transaction.

if you have transferred assets through Wemix wallet, please contact Wemix wallet through the email address below.
[Email Address]

Thank you.

i had sent KLAY to binance at AM 1:30 but I got KLAY at PM 12:30 on binance.
i think that’s becuase KlaytnScope delays in displaying chain data.
Because binance system couldn’t find transaction on klaytnscope, deposit is delayed.

you wrote this feed 14 hours ago, you might receive your klay