onKIP7Received 로 밭은 토큰의 종류를 알 수 있는 방법이 있을가요?

onKIP7Received 를통하여 수신이벤트 감지후

토큰 종류를 구분하여 서비스를 진행하고자 합니다.

onKIP7Received 를 통하여 토큰을 수신하였을때 토큰의 종류를 알려면 무엇을 참조하면 좋을가요?


interface IKIP7TokenReceiver {
    /// @notice Handle the receipt of KIP-7 token
    /// @dev The KIP-7 smart contract calls this function on the recipient
    ///  after a `safeTransfer`. This function MAY throw to revert and reject the
    ///  transfer. Return of other than the magic value MUST result in the
    ///  transaction being reverted.

> Note: the contract address is always the message sender.

/// @param _operator The address which called `safeTransferFrom` function
    /// @param _from The address which previously owned the token
    /// @param _amount The token amount which is being transferred.
    /// @param _data Additional data with no specified format
    /// @return `bytes4(keccak256("onKIP7Received(address,address,uint256,bytes)"))`
    ///  unless throwing
    function onKIP7Received(address _operator, address _from, uint256 _amount, bytes _data) external returns(bytes4);