Send ETH from metamask to Klaytn wallet

I sent eth from mm to klaytn wallet. 1.5 eth but they are not shown there , how can I change or add the ethereum token … thanks a lot , really need help

I guess I have to add the eth token

can maybe someone help? it’s all about the coin address right?


if you have klaytn wallet secret addressyou can restore the secret key by adding it to Metamask

detail image below

how can I see fit in metamask? after clicking export … what do I have to do now mate?thx

do you also have the last step in englisch ? I export the key and click import on metamask ?

did you install the Kaikas extension?

I can’t see my eth there to send them

yes , then I sent ethereal to it but can’t see them , have to add the coin somehow

it says 0 Keith but I did send 1.5 can send etherscan

do you want to see eth on the Kaikas? it’s not about recovering eth?

I did send eth from metamask directly to the wallet and I cannot see them now, I want to transfer back to metamask , how can I see and transfer my eth

keth and eth are not the same or

The problem is:

  • I did send ethereum directly from metamask to klaytn wallet,
  • I cannot see my ethereum now (how can I add the coin , which data shall I use)
  • and I just want to send some of my ethereum back to my metamask wallet

you can’t see it on the kaikas app

restore guide below

  1. export secret key

  2. import on metamask