Smart Contract Deployment on Klaytn Main-net

Hello Folks,
We made token smartcontract (Solidity Version 0.8) based on ERC20 protocol and I want deploy on klaytn network. I would like to address you with the following question.

  1. Since our contract ERC-20, should we replace protocol mane with KIP7?
  2. What is main requirements for deploying the token smart contracts on the Klaytn network?
  3. Do you have also Discord or any other community channels?



Hi, welcome to the Klaytn :slight_smile:

1. If you have time, I recommend that migrating ERC-20 to KIP-7. There are several advantages if you do migration to KIP-7.

Many Klaytn eco system tools like KlaytnScope and SDKs(caver-js, caver-java) are currently providing convenient functionalities based on Klaytn standards.
Even though ERC-20 and ERC-721 is currently supported and displayed by Klaytn Scope, but Klaytn standards like KIP-7, KIP-17 will always be a priority in Klaytn eco system.

For example, if you deployed your contracts using KIP 7: Fungible Token Standard, then you can easily interact with that contract using caver-js (Klaytn SDK).

  • You can call kip-7 token transfer method like this. const receipt = await kip7.transfer(recipientAddress, value, opts).
  • If you implement token contract using other standard which is not Klaytn standard, then
    you need do extra jobs (you should know ABI of your contract and create transaction by yourself). But If you use Klaytn standard, then you can easily do that jobs using Klaytn SDK’s convenient features. (I believe this will decrease your whole working time and you can focus on your Business Logic).

2. You need a Klaytn node to serve your contract deployment transaction and write some code or just curl directly by yourself to that node.

1> Klaytn node.
There are several free public endpoints you can use when you deploy your contracts. Please check this out.

2> Create a deployment transaction.
Now we know where should we send our contract deployment transaction. Its time to create transaction and send it.

There are several ways to send deployment transaction to Klaytn node (e.g. using curl or using SDKs, etc…), but I strongly recommend to use Klaytn SDKs (Most easy way).

For example, If you want to deploy KIP-7 using caver-js, please check this example scenario.
This document also might be helpful for you :slight_smile:

3. Here is the discord link you can join.

And other community channels are