[Update] Klaytnscope 2022-09-30

Hello, everyone. This is Klaytnscope Team from Ozys.

Klaytnscope always strives to provide transparent blockchain information.
Contract-related functions have been updated according to the Update Roadmap shared on March 18th. ( Notice for KlaytnScope Update and Announcement / KlaytnScope 업데이트와 알림을 위한 공지 )
Through this update, we are able to provide more detailed information regarding Klaytn’s contract information.

Updated features

  1. Automated contract code registration
  • You can apply for contract code registration directly on the page, which will be reflected on the site immediately.
  • Code submission provides various methods such as Text, Solidity, and Solidity JSON Input.
  • Anyone with a code can register the code of any contract without cost. But wallet account log-in with KLAY is required for submission.
  1. Application for token information registration
  • Once the token code is registered, token deployer can submit token information through the [More] button at the top right of the token page.
  • Registration for symbols, logos, official websites, white papers, Medium, GitHub, SNS (Twitter, Discord, Telegram), etc is feasible
  1. Read and write contracts
  • Contract information and generate transactions are available on the Scope page.
  • Regardless of the absence of source code or the presence of a Delegate subcode, the contract can be operated by directly specifying the ABI.
  • Well-known ABIs are provided by default.

Additional displayed information

  1. Provision of the actual code address of the contract.
  • Provision of the delegatee list. - disclose the list of real code addresses and code even if the real code is at a different address.
  • Be precautious with anonymous projects that do not disclose the actual Delegate contract code that is subject to hard rugs pulls.
  • More detailed information will be informed in the next update.
  1. Provision of more detailed contract compile information.
  • All compile options are provided to verify code directly on the chain.
  1. Provision of contract life cycle information.
  • Provides a record of when the contract was created/deleted/rebuilt
  • CREATE, CREATE2, DESTRUCT records are provided
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