Who and how many are the Core Cell operators?

I hope it is OK to ask a question in English. I am trying to understand a little more about consensus on Klaytn.

As I understand it, Klaytn is a permissioned network, so it is only possible to run a block making node (Core Cell Operators) by invitation - is that correct?

Where can I see a list of “Core Cell” operators? Do you have plans to decentralise the network in the future?

Hi. I’m louis.

Yes. Klaytn is a permissioned network. so If anyone wants to participate in the governance council, It needs a permission.

If you want to know who is participating in the consensus of Klaytn,
please refer to the link below.

And we have some plans to decentralize the network.
Governance council size is planned to increase.
We want to strengthen decentralization of Klaytn.

Thank you.

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