Withdraw wrong address, can I get back my asset?

Withdraw wrong address, can I get back my asset?


Did you mean you send your KLAY to another address which is not yours?
If that is the case, the only way you can get your KLAY back is request the owner of that address to get back your KLAY.

Unlike the real world, nobody (government or even president) could restrict or control assets which is not their own.
In the blockchain world, the asset of the address can only be controlled by the private key related with that address.

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I have sent LBank grbt coin to digifinix grbt coin.
LBank grbt coin and digifinix grbt coin is not same coin and their contract address is different but both coin use same network(klay network) that I didn’t know. I couldn’t understand that, I have mistake.
Almost I have deposited digifinix addresses(0x236674262C2c459f4FCBA046cf246b6995eC6dC0) that is in klay network. if klay network want to give me back my grbt asset so they can it. Please help me.

Total amount:

(Withdrawal address:0x236674262C2c459f4FCBA046cf246b6995eC6dC0)(Deposit address: 0x236674262C2c459f4FCBA046cf246b6995eC6dC0).
TRX HASH: 0xf8bd231fea9c6b9c1eda118a1c8cb6fdcd55a22ff6092acd76e544c313b40965
If possible, so, please help me.

I checked the tx 0xf8bd231fea9c6b9c1eda118a1c8cb6fdcd55a22ff6092acd76e544c313b40965 and can see that 0x958d9b2ba48a96b869cb4b2ebd1e852ece5ecd4c sends 15,350.851700GRBT token to 0x236674262c2c459f4fcba046cf246b6995ec6dc0.

The only way you get it back from 0x236674262c2c459f4fcba046cf246b6995ec6dc0 is to contact the owner of the address and ask for it back.

According to the context of the question, the owner of 0x236674262c2c459f4fcba046cf246b6995ec6dc0 is maybe Digifinix.
As I said, there is no way to control someone else’s asset (which is not my own) in the blockchain world. So, you should contact Digifinix and explain this situation and ask them that get your GRBT back to you.

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I have communicate Digifinix but they told me they are unable to process give me back…

Sorry to hear that.

Only owner of the address can control its asset.
So… it depends on Digifinix(=the owner of the address) and If they say no, there is no way to get it back.

I have sent klaytn wallet to klaytn wallet, but the token is different.