Kaikas only processes one transaction at a time when executing Txtypesmartcontractexecution

Kaikas only processes one transaction at a time. Open Kaikas and refresh the pending transaction. If the service doesn’t process your transaction for a while, cancel the pending transaction.

This message always appears when I try to execute a smart contract method, but it doesn’t appear when I deploy contracts. In any case, I cannot see the “pending transaction” which it’s talking about in Kaikas, or in klaytnscope.

Here’s a picture of my empty transaction history

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For an accurate answer, please tell us the version of Caver-js you are using

thank you.

@Johnny '1.4.0-rc.1'. I use the one that Kaikas injects into the browser

I had the same problem as you.
Did you try this? This works fine.

async function sendTransactionWithKlay(){
	const data = caver.klay.abi.encodeFunctionCall(
		name: '/function name/',
		type: 'function',
		inputs: [{
			type: 'address',
			name: 'to'
		from: account,
		to: '/SmartContract Address/',
		value : caver.utils.toPeb(0.01, 'KLAY'),
		gas: '8000000',

@klay it worked! Thank you

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