Insufficient funds of the sender for value

I’m trying to send a FeeDelegated transaction, the amount I try to transfer is 9.9999 KLAY, the from address have exact 9.9999 KLAY, the FeePayer has about 100 KLAY, however, the transaction reports insufficient funds of the sender for value. The chain_id is valid, for I broadcast the transaction to your API node.

What should I do now?


Thanks for asking.

Could you give us more information like below?

  • How did you make/sign/transfer the transaction?
  • Raw transaction data
  • Data field of the transaction
  • The error message
  • How many did you retry to send the transaction?

I will help you with the information.


Hi, @Ethan !
I make transaction by my own code, and it works well for hundreds of tx.
Now some KLAYs are sent to the address, so the 9.9999 tx successfully broadcasted, but a new transaction with 79.1993 KLAY is stuck.

rawtx is 0x09f8e6018505d21dba00830186a094059abe1e1d73266a5c96e1b4adbf66945153be4c89044b1c6fbbef984000942cde41fa954f7fe29b7dbd0f0e1f5ac66d846a4cf847f845824056a0ab4ed4e23bd6d27ee22764aa2d9a3760bf326d3da53cb95d46ea2cfd647a76e0a0315176e8192584ee8aa6df5cd29e436d27f5ce8cffcf2f836910e4bbb125f074947421a527a5fd36e8046dd97d586110b03d12c2fdf847f845824056a0932457fadf4adbcded2c679a1a0c0a4ae7d6c4e91759bbe3bd2cd979b80f4688a05534fb760377819a85aaeada763bd0d34267de99068b744475051d1a427d1cef

from: 0x2cde41fa954f7fe29b7dbd0f0e1f5ac66d846a4c
to: 0x059abe1e1d73266a5c96e1b4adbf66945153be4c
feepayer: 0x7421a527a5fd36e8046dd97d586110b03d12c2fd

the balance of from: 79.1993
the amount trying to send: 79.1993
message: -32000, "insufficient funds of the sender for value "
retry to send the transaction for 5 times
the node I try to broadcast to:

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Hi, @lanford_33.

I just send the transaction to Cypress, it works.

Sorry for that if it is not what you want.

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Hello. @lanford_33

I think the public EN synchronization was too slow due to too many user requests when sending a transaction.
So it seems that the account balance has not been updated on the node and the node returned an error.

The public node is just public node and many people use it.
So if you want to setup your own service, I recommend you to run your own EN or use KAS ( :slight_smile:

Thanks @lanford_33

And always welcom your any questions.

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